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Three Songs (2015)

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photography by Jim Lykns

A second of a performance project Five Songs, following Northern Lights + Magnificat.

In Three Songs, choreographer Takahiro Yamamoto investigates Modernist ideals of beauty and spectacle through his skewed yet diverse interests ranging from pop culture to pedestrian movements. Featuring Portland-based CHOIR under the direction of Jesse Mejía and Jonathan Sielaff, bass clarinet, Three Songs is an invitation to perceive various senses of time through musical rhythms, visual rhythms, physical rhythms, and combination thereof.

Duration: 25 minutes

Choreography: Takahiro Yamamoto

Magnificat (1989) written by Arvo Pärt
Spiritus Sanctus written by Hildegard von Bingen
The Lamb (1982) composed by John Tavener
Poem The Lamb by William Blake (1789)

Choral Sound: CHOIR

Conductor: Jesse Mejía

Bass Clarinet: Jonathan Sielaff

Karl Anderson
Jin Camou

Elie Charpentier
Benjamin Cleek
Eve Connell
Carol E. Hickman
Amanda Leonard
Paul Munday
Chelsea Petrakis
Alyssa Reed-Stuewe
Danielle Ross
Jonathan Sielaff
Jeanne Snodgrass
Mary Sutton
William Tennant
Charles Thompson
Sara Tretter
Kelly Vogel
Fawn Williams Nance

Presented at Conduit's 2015 Dance+ Festival in July 2015