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Direct Path to Detour

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Direct Path to Detour

Direct Path to Detour

Direct Path to Detour, SIngle Focus

Direct Path to Detour -Book  

Artwork in the background courtesy of Gary Robbins

A second part of Direct Path to Detour project. Concurrent to the creation of the group dance work, Takahiro Yamamoto made a proposition to participating artists, some colleagues and presenters of this project to provide artwork representative of their current interests and/or engage in spoken or written discourse based on some of Yamamoto's writing. By compiling images of multiple artwork, short writings, transcriptions of conversations, and written exchanges, this book intends to engage with the reader intimately, soliciting contemplation and stimulation one page at a time.

8.5"h x 5"w, 64 pages
Limited edition of 200
$25 (+ shipping)


Takahiro Yamamoto
Sofia Acosta Rascon
sidony o'neal
Sachi Sekimoto
Roland Dahwen Wu
Rachel Cook
Lu Yim
Lisa Jarrett
Jesse Mejía
Julian Barnett
Erin Boberg Doughton
Drew Klein
Angela Mattox


Published by Container Corps in Portland, Oregon
Designed by Gary Robbins

Copy edited by Amy Lore
Photography by Cristin Norine

Exhibition | Book Release at Compliance Division, August 2017