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Hindsight / Objecting

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Objecting/ Hindsight

Hindsight/Objecting - Photography by Farrington Starnes

Hindsight investigates various ways to be in relationship with the viewers in a theatrical setting. Here, the performer is a subject of command, gaze, and exposure. Through its minimal aesthetic, the performer and viewers become its focal point where they share time and space together. While the performance is built with simple and non-spectacular actions such as walking, looking, and standing, it solicits thinking, conjuring of past memory and counting through language and pop culture reference. As a result, it is a performance of quietude and poetry, immediately reflecting on the present moment while past memories linger on.

Objecting is a third reiteration of my current research (alongside Think Here. Think There. and Hindsight) on phenomenology of live performance in direct relationship with the viewers. I thoughtfully direct the audience to focus on where to look at, what is to look at, when is to be looked at, and how to look at the presented imagery. The sequence of those moments are framed with casual and playful attitude of the performer, accentuation of vocalized sounds, and language of pop culture reference. It solicits dedicated viewership through suspense of narrative and captivating images of movement.

Hindsight - 15 min solo performance
Presented at Studio 2 in Portland, Oregon in May 2014

Objecting - 15 min solo performance
Presented at S1 in Portland, Oregon in August 2014

Hindsight/Objecting - 15 min solo performance
Presented at Bedlam Lowertown in St. Paul, Minnesota in November 2014