takahiro yamamoto

Intimate Ground

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Intimate Ground is a movement exploration for two performers: Allie Hankins and myself. We embody intimate feelings and thoughts between two people through actions and movement, proposing that multiple emotions coexist together within the notion of intimacy such as longing, contentment, lost of self and disorientation. While using each other as a subject of intimacy, we also let our own personal experience and memory dance with us. The evening dress functions as bending gender norm in a formal manner as well as visually integrating the performer's body into the architecture. By placing the action at the stairs, it also denies the purpose and function of stairs, intervening the pedestrian to walk up and down.

Performed by Takahiro Yamamoto and Allie Hankins

30 min performance
Presented at Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland OR in October 2012.