takahiro yamamoto

NOTHINGBEING book_TakahiroYamamoto

Composed of several short essays, this pocket book NOTHINGBEING is an avenue for me to map language to the thinking that went into this project: my research, reflections of my past memories, and my current perception/construction of reality. In addition, it includes a fragmented transcription of a group conversation between the participating artists (Sinha, Thomson, Whitehead, and myself) as well as writings by the three artists who physically engage in the live presentation on how they approach their individual sections, called “Solo” (Thomson, Whitehead, and myself).

$12-$20 USD (sliding scale) | Click here for purchase

Contributions from Takahiro Yamamoto, David Thomson, Anna Martine Whitehead, and Samita Sinha
Designed by Jayme Yen
Published by Paper Punch Press, Seattle, WA

Commissioned by On the Boards, Seattle, WA