takahiro yamamoto

Opacity of Performance_TakahiroYamamoto

Property of Opaqueness is a parallel performance project of Opacity of Performance. Based on the dramaturgical and choreographic foundation of Opacity of Performance, it investigates the physical and emotional effects that both dancers and viewers undergo when visibility, activity, and attention vary over an extended duration.

Presented at the Ronna and Eric Hoffman Gallery in Portland, OR in February 2023
As a guest event for  exhibitions:  Scrum by Dru Donovan &  Betwixt and … by Cara Tomlinson

Presented at Henry Art Gallery & Velocity Dance Center in Seattle, WA in October 2019
In concert with Carrie Yamaoka’s recto/verso exhibition

Presented at lumber room in Portland, OR in May 2019
As part a performance series at lumber room
In conjunction with the exhibit A puzzling light and moving. by Kate Newby

Performed by Emily Squires, Rana San, Roland Dahwen and Takahiro Yamamoto
Sound score by Sofia Acosta