takahiro yamamoto


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photography by Lisa Wahlander

In a collaboration with a choreographer Lu Yim, Fun/Fuck is an investigation of how spoken and written language can drastically alter the way dance is experienced. It is a meditation on meaning-making, as the performers improvise, plumbing the depths of sense and nonsense. The two words of the title, one pedestrian, the other profane - will be broken into fragmentary sounds and played with. Like children discovering phonetic articulation, the dancers will explore the shape and power of 'Fun' and 'Fuck'. Vocalizations will be motivate movement which evolve from minimal gestures into physical duets, springing from the hyperbolic associations of these words.

This improvised score came to be during a residency on Vashon Island, hosted by Karen Nelson.

Duration: 20-25 min

Presented at Performance Works NW, Portland Oregon, on July 24, 2015 with Linda Austin & Karen Nelson performing the same score.
Presented at Pieter, Los Angeles, as a part of Pieter residency in December 2014.
Presented at EastEnd, Portland as a part of VISIONS in January 2014.

This performance was supported by Regional Arts and Culture Council for a project grant 2015.